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SennheiserPX 100-II 0

SennheiserPX 100-II

These headphones are medium quality ones from Sennheiser. These are not easy to use for me. Sound qualit is nice compared to its price. Actually I don’t understand why Sennheiser have this kind of...

Denon AH-NC600 Earphones 0

Denon AH-NC600 Earphones

I bought this earphones from internet. There was 50% sale and I’ve heard that these earphones has less bass noises than other earphones plus it has noise block feature too. Denon AH-NC600 is a...

Beats Studio Acustic 0

Beats Studio Acustic

Beats Studio Acustics are have best quality and best price according to this quality to me. After Apple, Beats got better and gave the customers what they expect from them. + It fits your...